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Video Blog Expert Tips / Part 1: Presentation 0

Posted on 30, January 2014

in Category Tutorials, Video

This is the first in a multi-part series on improv­ing video blog qual­ity. The series will cover pre­sen­ta­tion, light­ing, sound, edit­ing and cam­era tips. So lets dive in with pre­sen­ta­tion and we’ll get to cam­era, light­ing, edit­ing and sound qual­ity in fol­low up posts. 1. First and fore­most — learn to talk in sound bytes. Video is not the printed page. In order to be inter­est­ing, infor­ma­tive and keep a viewer’s full atten­tion it must have a con­ver­sa­tional tone. Even if you pre-write your script you’ll want to read it aloud to weed out words you would not use in real life [&hellip

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Super Powers — Activate 0

Posted on 12, January 2014

in Category Interviews, Tech


Super Pow­ers — Acti­vate An Inter­view with blog­ger and entre­pre­neur Jes­kica Labud Jes­kica was quite sur­prised when I asked her if I could inter­view her to kick-off my tech sec­tion. Let me explain: Jesicka among other things is the co-founding blog­ger of “Two Non-Techies” a pop­u­lar blog for pre­cisely non-technical co-founders of tech star­tups. I know what you’re think­ing so is this going to be a jar­gon filled incom­pre­hen­si­ble tech inter­view or not? Read on my fair weather friends, read on… PB: tell us briefly who you are — what you do? JL: My name is Jesicka Labud, and I am a [&hellip

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A Profusion of Information 0

Posted on 2, January 2014

in Category Interviews


  A Pro­fu­sion of Infor­ma­tion An Inter­view with Account Planner/Strategist Drew Coburn In this age of two-way mar­ket­ing where many just throw up their hands and focus on the past I sought to inves­ti­gate where the line between pre­dict­ing the future and plan­ning for it inter­sects. Here is what tran­spired: Q: Tell us a lit­tle bit about you and your back­ground? I did not go to school for adver­tis­ing or com­mu­ni­ca­tions, I had a lib­eral arts degree. I just kind of stum­bled into adver­tis­ing. I had a friend who I knew from school I called him one day and said Account [&hellip

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The World of Marketing has Forever Changed 0

Posted on 6, November 2013

in Category Articles, Events


The World of Mar­ket­ing has For­ever Changed   This is an arti­cle I con­tributed to the Adver­tis­ing Club of Westchester’s blog. The orig­i­nal is avail­able on the ACW site.   Con­sis­tency, Inno­va­tion, Trans­parency – Nat­ural Selec­tion? The event started off with mar­ket­ing terms much like you’d expect a mar­ket­ing panel would. Only, a few min­utes in it became clear– it would be some­thing dif­fer­ent. Address­ing the terms we as an indus­try like to throw around Lee Gold­stein of DIGO explained that he didn’t want his mar­ket­ing per­son to talk like a mar­ket­ing per­son any­more. Did I hear that last term [&hellip

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