NYC Dept. Design & Construction – Digital Signage


The DDC executive office requested a high visibility way to increase the sense of urgency for signature projects. Initially creative services was tasked with investigating the installation of red countdowns clocks of the style often seen in situation rooms. I organized an alternate proposal leveraging digital signage. This alternate solution solved the project’s urgency need. As a bonus, it would serve a dual purpose as a more effective platform for agency communication campaigns. Impressed with the proposal, the commissioner’s office approved it to move forward, assigning me as the project manager.


They asked me to project manage because of my unique combination of design, video, technical, and leadership skills. The project landed up, including stakeholders from the commissioner’s office, procurement, information technology, creative services, facilities, HR/Diversity/Inclusion and the public building and infrastructure departments.


Once it was up and running, I further suggested we could configure the new system to integrate with an existing display system in the DDC main lobby. I guided facilities in a plan to rewire the old manually updated system. Retrofitting the old system with the new technology solved a long-standing agency workflow problem, incurring no additional construction or renovation costs. As the value of a centralized, web-based delivery system became apparent, other DDC units operating in satellite offices began requesting the system so their staff could feel more connected to the main office. We found over time the system to be useful for agency special events and for making custom play lists for satellite offices.

Happy Vendor: When we could not find the solution we needed off the shelf, I collaborated with our IT and procurement departments to contract with a Swedish digital signage company. Together we beta tested JavaScript based custom countdowns. Based on our success, the vendor added the feature to subsequent software releases.

Increased Employee Program Exposure & Participation: Seeing the success of the platform, the Diversity/Wellness group requested we partner with them to have their campaigns on digital signage. Their group saw immediate increases in participation in agency run trainings and other events. With 1,188 employees and over 56 different languages spoken at DDC, this new content delivery system rallied the agency around timely completions and was a win for multiple departments. It provided a subtle daily reminder as to the importance of timely completions but by taking a more user centric approach; we increased both employee engagement and agency pride.

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