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Active Adap­tive Vig­i­lance An Inter­view with Samuel Litt As a pro-technology cre­ative I’ve never been shy about chat­ting with the IT depart­ment. So who bet­ter to pro­file next in this series then the smartest tech I know: author of the Mac OS X Bible and mul­ti­ple other tech pub­li­ca­tions my good friend Samuel Litt. Q: What do you think of Google Glass, wear­ables and how IT depart­ments should deal with the grow­ing trend? Sam: I’m open to any tech­nol­ogy that doesn’t impinge upon pri­vacy or leads to states dehu­man­iza­tion. I’m also a believer that tech­nol­ogy should be an equal­izer. I’m con­cerned [&hellip

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