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Valentines Marketing/opinion piece

First some His­tory:(Accord­ing to Wikipedia.org)

Valen­tines Day was first asso­ci­ated with roman­tic love in the cir­cle of Geof­frey Chaucer in the High Mid­dle Ages, when the tra­di­tion of courtly love flour­ished. In 18th-century Eng­land, it evolved into an occa­sion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by pre­sent­ing flow­ers, offer­ing con­fec­tionery, and send­ing greet­ing cards. In the sec­ond half of the 20th cen­tury, the prac­tice of exchang­ing cards was extended to all man­ner of gifts. The US Greet­ing Card Asso­ci­a­tion esti­mates that approx­i­mately 190 mil­lion valen­tines are sent each year in the US. These days, Valentine’s Day is con­sid­ered by many to be a “Hall­mark” hol­i­day due to its over-commercialization.

Now that you have some back­ground lets exam­ine five issues com­mon to com­mu­ni­ca­tions at this time of year and see where you stand.

#1: Fluffer­nut­ter Lan­guage
The lead up to Valen­tines Day can be a mixed bless­ing for copy­writ­ers. Sure, we can use some over indul­gent lan­guage this time of year but it doesn’t mat­ter if you write prints ad, dig­i­tal or blog posts the lead up to V-day is all about bor­der­line poetry. That’s right, unless you whis­per those sweet noth­ings into our ears via pod­cast your brand is des­tined to be left wanting…

My vote: “Let’s just being friends, on this one”

#2: Call-out boxes:
From an art director/designer per­spec­tive you also get to use some overly sappy images at this time of year. Time to get all those cheesy pho­to­shop fil­ters out of your sys­tem. You may get to use some drop shad­ows on ground­hogs day (if you’re lucky) oth­er­wise get it out of your sys­tem now cause you won’t get away with them again until Hal­loween. So go ahead, pump up the red tones and throw in some extra sat­u­ra­tion but don’t get too excited that call from the client where they request a heart shaped call out box is lingering…

My Vote: When the client calls turn on the shower and say your wash­ing your hair.
“Thanks for the mak­ing the effort on this one you’re our new BFF

By now your prob­a­bly think­ing I’m just a spoil sport. On the con­trary this time of year has also pro­duced some really great com­mu­ni­ca­tions (like the one to the right) that makes my inner con­sumer swoon. Here are a few oldies but good­ies to get your goose.

#3: Tech­nol­ogy:

Every­thing these days seems to be about tech­nol­ogy and social. That’s what I love about this ad. Granted its a not the newest ad on the block and ref­er­ences a song lyric old enough that most peo­ple using social may not have even heard the orig­i­nal. The phase is prac­ti­cally part of our venac­u­lar and the mes­sage is still rel­e­vant though. The ad uses a great mix of art & copy and a sugar-sweet tone com­ple­mented by a sar­cas­tic under-current that is to die for.

My Vote: fire up the old Com­modore 64 and invite your favorite squeeze over to make-out in front of the soft blue glow as you pocket dial one of your for­mer cre­ative directors.

#4: The Double-Take:

These two sam­ples one from Heineken the other from Axe take an extra sec­ond to absorb fully and the aver­age con­sumer may just flip right by miss­ing the real mes­sage. An inter­est­ing twist say­ing “Watch Out” clearly tar­get­ing young sin­gle guys look­ing for a good time with­out the com­mit­ment. Equally, effec­tive on the same level is the Axe head­line “Happy Valen­tine Days” imply­ing that by using the prod­uct every day will be like Valen­tines day.

My Vote: For any­one that’s gone look­ing for love in a crowded bar on V-day knows the flirty double-take is not to be over­looked. Nei­ther should “Big Data” for that mat­ter but these clas­sics prove you are bet­ter know­ing your tar­get mar­ket and fol­low­ing writer’s instinct. Well at least until the robots start writ­ing for you. When AI gets that advanced feel free to knock back a few, but don’t let Rosie the robot see you perspire.

#5: Class War­fare:
I know what you’re think­ing where are the sam­ples of the low-brow/high con­cept ads that no V-day post would be com­plete with­out? OK fine if you’ve read this far I’ll assume you’re not just in this for cheap thrills. How­ever, I will counter point the low brow with a high class exam­ple. Both are great visual solu­tions requir­ing very lit­tle text.

My Vote:
It doesn’t mat­ter if your favorite drink is St. Pauli Girl or a vin­tage Bor­deaux we all need to eat, so get those Valen­tines din­ner reser­va­tions in early peo­ple.

As far as I see it: Valen­tines mar­ket­ing can be shal­low, needy and down­right annoy­ing, (much like your ex) but it can also be engag­ing or incred­i­bly touch­ing like this one from India.

So, where do you stand?

Valen­tines Mar­ket­ing…Love it? Leave it?
or get to know it better?


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