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The Factory Tour 0

Posted on 3, July 2014

in Category Interviews

The Fac­tory Tour An Inter­view with Dan Goldgeier A Seattle-based senior copy­writer, colum­nist for Tal­ent­Zoo, writer for AdPulp and Author of “View From the Cheap Seats” Dan Goldgeier is also the self-proclaimed best ad indus­try colum­nist today. He makes it clear the lat­ter was a face­tious claim to make a point but after inter­view­ing him I’m inclined to believe his orig­i­nal statement

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Valentines Marketing 0

Posted on 8, February 2014

in Category Opinion piece


First some His­tory:(Accord­ing to Wikipedia.org) Valen­tines Day was first asso­ci­ated with roman­tic love in the cir­cle of Geof­frey Chaucer in the High Mid­dle Ages, when the tra­di­tion of courtly love flour­ished. In 18th-century Eng­land, it evolved into an occa­sion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by pre­sent­ing flow­ers, offer­ing con­fec­tionery, and send­ing greet­ing cards. In the sec­ond half of the 20th cen­tury, the prac­tice of exchang­ing cards was extended to all man­ner of gifts. The US Greet­ing Card Asso­ci­a­tion esti­mates that approx­i­mately 190 mil­lion valen­tines are sent each year in the US. These days, Valentine’s Day is con­sid­ered by many to be [&hellip

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The World of Marketing has Forever Changed 0

Posted on 6, November 2013

in Category Articles, Events


The World of Mar­ket­ing has For­ever Changed   This is an arti­cle I con­tributed to the Adver­tis­ing Club of Westchester’s blog. The orig­i­nal is avail­able on the ACW site.   Con­sis­tency, Inno­va­tion, Trans­parency – Nat­ural Selec­tion? The event started off with mar­ket­ing terms much like you’d expect a mar­ket­ing panel would. Only, a few min­utes in it became clear– it would be some­thing dif­fer­ent. Address­ing the terms we as an indus­try like to throw around Lee Gold­stein of DIGO explained that he didn’t want his mar­ket­ing per­son to talk like a mar­ket­ing per­son any­more. Did I hear that last term [&hellip

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