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December 2014 - PETER BOSSIO

Driving Forward 0

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Dri­ving For­ward An Inter­view with Jim Woj­tow­icz: Acad­emy of Art Uni­ver­sity, San Fran­cisco This is the first in a series explor­ing how com­mu­ni­ca­tions degree pro­grams are address­ing cur­rent stu­dent needs. As an adjunct at NYU SCPS I am no stranger to the for­ti­tude it takes to hold the atten­tion of a room full of stu­dents. Lets start off by get­ting Jim’s view­point… Q: What core skills do communications/advertising stu­dents require in today’s rapidly chang­ing mar­ket­place? Jim: The list of indus­try expec­ta­tions of a grad­u­at­ing ad stu­dent con­tin­ues to grow and morph. What remains a con­stant is that every­thing begins with [&hellip

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